TSV 1859 Wehrsdorf e.V.

„Das ist wie 10.000 Meter laufen und dabei Schach spielen.“
(Karin Schmalfeld, Silbermedaille World Games 2005)

„In the second weekend of May there was a training camp of club KOB Děčín in Lipová (Hainspach). We used a building of Děčín’s children club in Ludvíkovičky.
There were 23 people on the camp and they enjoyed a lot both trainings and evening party. We run five trainings, some of which were really funny, especially Igor’s „biathlon relays“, where we shooted to target with frisbee.
„Serious“ trainings were run on map Dreiherrenstein. It was superb weekend and many thanks goes to Harry Maennel for map, training organizers and fun makers.“

Martin Horak

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